Helping Violence Against Children (VAC) victims

As becomes clear from the UNICEF Report on the Global Violence against Children (UNICEF 2014), violence against children is a serious and widespread issue that has severe negative consequences for the people directly involved and also for society and the economy in general.

Regarding sexual abuse, emotional abuse and exposure to intimate partner violence, the report shows a host of programs have shown to be effective adopting various Cognitive Based Therapies (CBT). However, the report also indicates that there is a problem with these existing programs being proprietary and expensive to replicate.

Our solution is to combine research and proven CBT techniques on treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with the Totem Health Patch in order to make the programs for helping victims of violence more cost-effective, non-proprietary and scalable.

This results in an app with a breathing exercise program and later also heart rate biofeedback exercise program, bringing patients back into contact with their body and emotions. The US Department of Veterans Affairs has already made such an app, called the PTSD Coach, but without the sensor feedback that the Totem Health Patch provides, which can be improved upon.

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