Totem is a software and hardware development collective of developers, designers, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs who aim to develop products on open standards. The idea that most startups now a day aim to collect and monetize data makes Totem worry about an open future. The open health sensor is the first spin off after Totem received a small EU grant for the first prototype development. We are developing the platform based on open source and open data. Especially in health care Totem thinks that each user should always be in control of the data they generate. Totem supplies such a device while enabling their users to collect their own data in a raw format, without any algorithms or hosting on foreign servers. The data is yours and yours alone.

Robin van Emden, Leiden University researcher. “Totem Open Health is the first open source platform of its kind. The possibilities of this modular, open source sensor will help us tremendously in doing our research.

Totem Open Health. Limitless Possibilities with Wearable Health Technology. Open Source, Standardized, Small and Cost-effective